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Naturalistic driving study analysing the effect of rainfall on driving behaviour for older drivers

Samaranayake, S, Chevalier, A, Coxon, K, Brown, J, Clarke, E, Boufous, S, Ivers, R, Keay, L

Older Drivers/Users

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: We aimed to determine whether the amount of daily rainfall was predictive of driving behaviour among drivers 75+ years, in regards to driving exposure and the rate at which Rapid Deceleration Events (RDEs) occurred, acting as a surrogate safety event. Naturalistic driving data from 190 drivers aged 75+ years, monitored between one and 12 months was used in this analysis. By applying a T-distribution, we found older drivers tend to drive more during light rainfall (1-2mm] and less during heavy rainfall (10-20mm]. Using logistic regression, we found the rate of RDEs decreases with increasing rainfall, suggesting cautiousness among older drivers.