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An examination of the effectiveness and acceptability of mobile phone blocking technology among drivers of corporate fleet vehicles

Ponte, G, Baldock, M (Peer reviewed)

Fatigue & Distraction

ARSC conference 2016

There is technology available that can block mobile phones while driving. The aim of this research was to determine if mobile phone blocking technology is an effective and acceptable method for reducing driver distraction among drivers of corporate fleet vehicles. Two different technologies were assessed: one required software to be installed on mobile phones, while the other technology used software in addition to external Bluetooth hardware that paired with the phones. A sample of 104 study participants who regularly drove a corporate fleet vehicle were recruited through a major corporation in South Australia. Each participant experienced one of the two technologies, and their opinions on the technology and phone use while driving were assessed using pre- and post-trial questionnaires. A majority of participants reported that phone blocking was not reliable but a majority nonetheless considered the technology they trialed to be an effective way of preventing phone use while driving. Mobile phone blocking technologies may provide a useful method of changing mobile phone use behaviour while driving. However, product improvements are needed to reach higher ratings of user acceptance and approval.