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‘Safer Together’ – Aligning Queensland’s Natural Gas E&P Industry ‘Safe Systems Approach’ for Improved Road Safety Outcomes

Pearce, D, Pearson, S


ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Formed in 2014, Queensland’s Natural Gas E&P Industry Safety Forum (‘Safer Together’) is comprised of CSG Operators and 80+ Contractor partners. Travelling 100 million kilometres (estimated) annually and an overall occupational injury frequency rate (IFR), per million hours worked, at 3.9 (2013) - improved safety standards were necessary including road safety. The industry has targeted an IFR of <1.0 by 2018 in addition to reducing life threatening incidents.

Through aligned industry standards targeting fleet and telematics – including a common industry road data set and tracking of key driving risks - safer outcomes for reduced spend, are attainable. Safety performance is measured not just in reducing incident numbers, but also using leading indicators reflecting driver behaviours.