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A Geospatial Analysis to Identify and Rank High Pedestrian Serious Casualty Areas across Victoria

Gupta, D, Alavi, H, Blandy, W

Pedestrians & non Drivers

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Identifying and ranking high pedestrian serious casualty (PSC) areas enable practitioners to develop more targeted and efficient pedestrian safety programs. We employed the Kernel Density method to study the spatial distribution pattern of PSC’s and formulated PSC density criteria to rank the identified areas. We used police-reported injury data for the 8 year period to 2013, where the reported injury levels were validated using the TAC hospitalisation data. We produced concentration maps, identified numerous high PSC concentration areas across Victoria, and ranked them using the land area and estimated traffic volumes of each area. We introduced the top 87 areas for pedestrian safety program development under the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP).