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Enhancing Public Demand for Safer Speeds on the Road: Input from Australian and New Zealand Stakeholders

Fleiter, J, Lewis, I, Kaye, S-A, Soole, D, Rakotonirainy, A, Debnath, A

Speed - Travel Speeds

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Community engagement to effectively manage speeding is an important priority and changing community perceptions about speeding is critical to reducing road trauma. Stakeholder consultations were conducted to identify interventions that could create, increase, and/or sustain public demand for safer speeds in Australia and New Zealand. Twenty-one stakeholders provided feedback on a proposed Campaign Strategy containing nine aims and evidence-based countermeasures. Overall, support was expressed for the Campaign Strategy, many noting success was dependent on long term political support and sustained resourcing. The proposed Campaign Strategy documents countermeasures to be trialed and evaluated to enhance demand for safer speeds.