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Exploring young driver and young adult attitudes to drink-driving in NSW: Quantitative and qualitative research

Filardo, L, Kevin, M, Fernandes, R, Walker, E, Porritt, D, Duffy, C, Smith, C

Young Drivers

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Quantitative and qualitative research was conducted to understand NSW drivers’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards drink-driving. Almost 30% of metro and non-metro males aged 1725 had risked drink-driving in the prior six months, with 20% of metro females aged 17-25 and non-metro males 26-39 years also having risked drink-driving within this timeframe. While most were aware of the risks of drink-driving, at the moment of decision-making they often rationalised the behaviour to avoid inconvenience. The “grey area” of not knowing how much alcohol was too much, also appeared to be a factor in the decision.