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Not all Roads are Created Equal: A Framework to Align Travel Speeds with Road Function, Design, Safety and Use

Durdin, P, Zia, H, Harris, D, Bunting, G, McAuley, I (Peer reviewed)

Speed - Travel Speeds

ARSC conference 2016

The newly developed Speed Management Framework, introduced as part of New Zealand Transport Agency’s Speed Management Guide, provides a single assessment method for determining safe and appropriate speeds at a network level. The framework aims to better align travelling speeds with road function, design, safety and use, while linking into wider planning and investment programmes. This paper presents the findings of applying the framework to the Waikato region, including analysis of the assignment and prioritisation of intervention strategies to road sections where speed management interventions have high benefit safety and efficiency opportunities. This paper will be of interest to all those involved in network management and those interested in understanding the potential safety benefits of speed management interventions.