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Australian drivers with disabilities using vehicle modifications: user demographics, human factors and road safety issues

Di Stefano, M, Stuckey, R, Kinsman, N

Human Factors 1

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Drivers with disabilities (DWDs) often rely on safe systems applications:safer vehicle-driver interfaces through vehicle modifications (VMs).VMs include alternative primary/secondary vehicle controls and access/egress enhancements. Little is known about Australian DWDs’ or their use of VMs.This cohort study investigated DWDs using VMs via a survey which collected demographics, human factors and prescription practice data. Respondent DWDs (n= 97) were mostly older, experienced drivers using low technology VMs who relied on vehicle transportation for community access. Whilst most reported satisfaction with their VMs, breakdown, maintenance and safety concerns identified highlight potential impacts on road safety and the need for in-depth research.