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Driving Change: Process Evaluation of a Multi-Site Community Licensing Support Program

Cullen, P, Clapham, K, Rogers, K, Byrne, J, Hunter, K, Keay, L, Lo, S, Senserrick, T, Ivers, R

Aboriginal / Community

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Driving Change is a NSW community-based Aboriginal licensing program that was implemented in 12 communities. This process evaluation triangulates interviews (n=22), focus groups (n=18) and participant data (n=820) to explore barriers and facilitators to implementation and impact.

Driving Change is reaching the target population, facilitating licensing access and is highly responsive to community and client need. While interviewees reported strong support for the program, challenges to implementation included supporting field staff to broker collaborative stakeholder relationships and maintain community engagement. This evaluation highlights the value of stakeholders working collaboratively to overcome implementation challenges, build capacity and positively impact Aboriginal communities.