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Behind the wheel: Process evaluation of a safe-transport program for older drivers delivered in a randomised controlled trial

Coxon, K, Hunter, K, Chevalier, A, Brown, J, Clarke, E, Rogers, K, Boufous, S, Ivers, R, Keay, L

Older Drivers/Users

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A process evaluation was conducted to explore relationships between program outcomes, and intervention implementation from a trial evaluating the impact of an individualised safe-transport program, ‘Behind the Wheel’, for older drivers. Relationships were explored using multivariate linear regression and a logic model constructed to explain program inputs, outputs and outcomes. Older drivers who took ownership and planned for retirement from driving were more likely to reduce their driving exposure. A stronger message was delivered to older drivers with lower function and poorer health. Our results suggest ‘Behind the Wheel’ has greatest impact with older, lower functioning drivers through transport planning.