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Older drivers and rapid deceleration

Chevalier, A, Coxon, K, Chevalier, A J, Clarke, E, Brown, J, Boufous, S, Ivers, R, Keay, L

Older Drivers/Users

ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: We examined the relationship between older drivers’ Rapid Deceleration Events (RDEs) and visual and cognitive function and driving confidence. Participants aged 75-94 years had their vehicle instrumented for 12-months. Processed accelerometer data identified >750milli-g RDEs. Regression modelling examined associations between RDEs and influential factors, with (i) weeks of monitoring and (ii) distance driven applied as exposure measures. Influential factors included measures of function and driving confidence at baseline and declines over 12-months. Older drivers with a decline in contrast sensitivity and those with lower baseline confidence were found to be at increased risk of involvement in RDEs per distance.