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Safer cycling: An in-depth crash study in Melbourne, Australia

Beck, B, Stevenson, M, Newstead, S, Cameron, P, Judson, R, Bucknill, A, Johnson, M, Brown, A, Gabbe, B


ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Despite increasing participation, cyclists remain vulnerable road users. This study aimed to describe crash characteristics and patient outcomes of a sample of cycling crashes occurring in Melbourne, Australia. A structured interview was conducted and in-hospital and long-term outcomes were extracted from the VSTR and VOTOR registries. 186 cyclists participated in the study. Cycling crashes commonly occurred during daylight hours and in clear weather conditions. 72% of crashes occurred on road, of which 22% occurred in dedicated bicycle lanes. While 76% of cases were classified as major trauma, 93% of injured cyclists had returned to work at 6-months post injury.