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Protective Clothing and Impact Protection for Motorcyclists

Albanese, B, Meredith, L, Whyte, T, Gibson, T, de Rome, L, Fitzharris, M, Baldock, M, Brown, J


ARSC conference 2016

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Impact protectors are worn by motorcyclists to reduce the risk and severity of injuries in crashes, but previous research reports no benefit in terms of preventing fractures. This study examined the performance of impact protectors worn in serious injury crashes and their energy attenuation performance when tested under the European Standard (EN1621-1). Eighty-three percent of impact protectors tested met Standard requirements. While only 4 impact injuries (defined as fractures, dislocations, avulsions) occurred in protected regions, no association between energy attenuation and these injuries was found. Characteristics other than energy attenuation may be important for protection, but further research is needed.