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A survey in understanding why the pedestrians and cyclists safety policies are ineffectiveness in Iran.

Kani, EH

Policy Development and Implementation

ARSC conference 2015

In this article, the tasks taken for improving the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in urban streets and rural highways in Iran, are introduced and analyzed. The final goals achieved by these tasks will also be discussed. The analyzing procedure includes the extent of consideration of rules in the byelaw, rules set by ministries, provinces’ authorities and counties’ authorities. The quality of road facilities and safety equipment considered for pedestrians and cyclists and their rule in increasing the level of safety on roads, is also discussed.

Evaluating these tasks with existing laws and the rules of geometric design, analyzing the facilities and behavior of road users, are the most highlighted parts of the research. Controlling the increasing number of accidents, which cyclists and pedestrians are involved in, is an important challenge for authorities in Iran. Even though a good number of safety improvement projects have been funded and completed in last few years, the result is not satisfactory and this is why the issue of pedestrian and cyclist safety, is considered to be a major national problem in Iran.

Finally, the parameters that would cause the failure of the mentioned safety projects will be identified and practical solutions will be provided.