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Effectiveness of Portable Speed Warning Signs

Burke, A J (Peer reviewed)

Road Environment

ARSC conference 2015

Speeding is a continual issue for road authorities to manage, especially on local streets and around schools. Speeding increases the stopping distance of vehicles which results in the increased occurrences of accidents and their associated severity._x000D_

Speeding may be due to poor driver behaviours such as hooning , distracted drivers, or technical issues such as vehicle defects or not knowing basic road rules (e.g. 50km/hr on local roads in South East Queensland)._x000D_

Brisbane City Council is taking a proactive approach by installing 26 electronic speed warning signs on local streets to reduce speeding and help increase safety. The electronic speed warning signs have been operational since November 2013 and have subsequently warned 15.2 million motorists by providing a visual reminder to slow down when driving over the posted speed limit. _x000D_

The signs record the initial speed of each motorist then displays a message dependent on their speed. The signs also record the final speed of each motorist. From the initial and final speeds, council has been able to analyse each site's data by developing a series of graphs and statistical measures to gauge their effectiveness._x000D_

Since November 2013, the 26 signs have been moved around Brisbane to 129 different sites. The data from the each of these sites has shown a marked decrease in the number of motorists travelling over the speed limit as a consequence of been advised of their initial speed.