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Development of Victoria's New Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System

Senserrick, T, Russell, M, McRae, D, Wallace, P, Blythe, R, Mitsopoulos-Rubens, E, de Rome, L, Rees, P, Williamson, A

Motorcycles and Scooters

ARSC conference 2015

VicRoads has been working with the motorcycle community and road safety experts towards implementing a new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) in accordance with a commitment in Victoria's Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2016. This followed release of a 2010 public Discussion Paper and a 2012 Parliament of Victoria Road Safety Committee Inquiry. Motorcycling is growing in popularity, yet motorcyclist fatalities have not experienced the same reductions as found for car drivers over recent years. Research indicates that inexperience is a major contributor, with learner and novice riders comprising almost one-third of Victorian motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries. Protocols for new mandatory training, off- and on-road testing for the motorcycle learner permit, a learner "check ride" and on-road testing for the licence have been developed based on review of Australian and international motorcycle licensing systems, literature on motorcycling, behaviour change theories and adult learning, observations of current rider training in Victoria and analysis of Victorian motorcyclist crash data (2003-2013). A key focus has been to extend a current emphasis on basic skills in vehicle handling to higher-order skills, including awareness, judgment and decision making. Piloting is underway and due for completion at the time of the conference. This joint presentation by the research team and VicRoads will report on the development process and pilot results. Due to the grounding of this work in best practice, this presentation will not only provide a platform to introduce the new Victorian M-GLS but provide insights and learning for other Australian and international jurisdictions.