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Application of Program Logic for Policy Development and Evaluation

Ma, A, Fernandes, R, Barnes, B


ARSC conference 2015

The Road Safety Policy Unit in Centre for Road Safety (CRS) is responsible for leading the development, review and implementation of policies and projects that relate to vehicle, road and people components of road safety in NSW, with policies that are evidence based with stakeholder and community input and involvement._x000D_

The program logic model has been adopted as a policy tool to provide an integrated policy view from a safe system perspective, and to provide a focus for policy development and evaluation. It is an analytical and conceptual tool which can be flexibly applied to different road safety issues and preferably at early stages of policy development. The schematic diagram demonstrates how policy input produces a result chain, showing how interventions or actions contribute to the desired changes at different levels of road safety outcome (short/ medium/ long)._x000D_

In the past two years, the Policy Unit has actively applied the program logic model to help with the design of some key road safety initiatives in NSW including Safer Drivers Course, Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program, and the national trial of Electronic Work Diaries. The Unit is now extending the application of the model to improve understanding and analysis of broad policy issues including distraction, speed, drug driving and pedestrian safety. _x000D_

_x000D_Use of the program logic model has had multiple benefits including facilitating strategic discussions for policy and program design, communications, performance monitoring and evaluation, and identifying gaps for improvement_x000D_