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An innovative online behavioural intervention: The Steering Clear First Offender Drink Driving Program

Wilson, H

Drink Driving

ARSC conference 2015

Drink driving remains a substantial public health issue warranting investigation. First offender drink drivers are seen to be less risky than repeat offenders, though the majority of first offenders report drink driving prior to detection, and many continue to drink drive following conviction. Few first offenders are offered treatment programs, and as such there is a need to address drink driving behaviour at this stage. A comprehensive approach including first offender treatment is needed to address the problem. _x000D_

Online interventions have demonstrated effectiveness in reducing risky behaviours such as harmful substance use. Such interventions allow for personalised tailored content to be delivered to individuals targeting specific mechanisms of behavioural change. This method also allows for targeting screening to ensure relevance of content on an individual level. However, there have been no research based online programs to date aimed at reducing repeat drink driving by first offenders._x000D_

The Steering Clear First Offender Drink Driving Program is a self-guided, research based online program aimed at reducing recidivism by first time drink driving offenders. It includes a specialised web app to track drinks and build plans to prevent future drink driving. This allows for elongation of learning and encouragement of sustained behavioural change using self-monitoring after initial program completion. An outline of the program is discussed and the qualitative experience of the program on a sample of first offenders recruited at the time of court appearance is described.