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Review of South Australia's fixed and mobile speed camera programs

Maxwell, P

Speed Cameras

ARSC conference 2015

Traffic Intelligence and Planning Section of South Australia Police has conducted a review of the value of South Australia's mobile and fixed speed camera programs. As part of the review, the following factors were taken into consideration: the potential under-reporting of speed as a contributor to fatal crashes; the number of serious injury and fatal crashes excessive speed has caused or contributed to over the last 14 years; the rate of motorist compliance with speed limits over the last six years; demographics of fatal speeders; speed detection hours worked; change in deployment policy; and differences in legislation across the States and Territories. The review compares the rates at which speed expiations are issued across the speed detection devices used by South Australia Police. A comparison of crash and casualty data pre and post-fixed speed camera installation was conducted across six sites._x000D_

There are multiple confounding factors which interact to influence driver behaviour. Nonetheless, one of the key findings of this review is speed detection deployments increase driver speed compliance and reduce the incidence of speed-related fatalities and serious injuries. Fixed speed cameras have also contributed to reducing the number of fatal crashes, fatalities, serious injury crashes and admissions to hospital_x000D_