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The NZ Transport agency, teachers and educators design evidence-based road safety education in New Zealand schools

Baldwin, R, Erb, W


ARSC conference 2015

New Zealand's road safety strategy to 2020, Safer Journeys, has led to broadened access and design lead school-based road safety education. _x000D_

NZ Transport Agency curriculum resources are written by educators and secondary teachers to intentionally give effect to research for best practice teaching and learning. As a result, younger road users may gain the knowledge and dispositions needed to participate and contribute to a safe road system._x000D_

OECD research found learning to be contextual, actively constructed, and socially negotiated; building blocks for innovative learning included collaboration, community service, student inquiry and formative assessment. The NZ Transport Agency resources map appropriate road safety learning experiences to students' prior knowledge, capabilities and interests through these building blocks._x000D_

The NZ Transport Agency design process is future-orientated, scalable, agile and user-driven. The resources are adaptable, enabling teacher priorities across curriculum areas. These factors support implementation by teachers and scaffold learning in which students relate and extend road safety concepts situated within relevant contexts. Customised sequences of learning experiences support students through opportunities to lead investigations into texts, data, values and ideas; and manage and participate in personal and community road safety outcomes. _x000D_

Interviews with teachers suggest they view curriculum-designed learning experiences in road safety as an authentic context connecting students to deeper notions of curriculum areas such as mathematics and drama et al. _x000D_

These immediate outcomes raise the potential for young people to grow adaptive expertise as critical and informed citizens and road users with proactive models of how citizens contribute to harm reduction. _x000D_