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The National Road Safety Partnership Program providing a pathway for any business/organisation to create a positive road safety culture

Carslake, J, Abdurrahman, A, Wishart, D, Smith, G, Stephens, M, Rea, M, Baker, R G V


ARSC conference 2015

The NRSPP aim is to help businesses and organisations create a positive road safety culture, so what is the best way to do that? _x000D_

_x000D_The process must achieve lasting change. For change to occur it must be in road safety culture, a change from reactive wait and see to proactive initiatives._x000D_

The first step is helping an organisation understand the true cost of its road incidents. Larger organisations often wear the costs without knowing the true impact to their bottom line. All they perceive is the change in insurance or vehicle repairs. Understanding the true cost should help mobilise a business's leadership to do more. The next step is ensuring the business undertakes an informed, structured, evidence-based approach which will guide them around the costly pitfalls. A framework based around the safe system approach with buy-in at the top which brings the workforce along. The final step, benchmarking, allows the organisation to measure and track its change. _x000D_

This symposium will explore the steps for organisations using NRSPP resources. The 'Total Cost of Risk' calculator has been developed by Zurich, tested in Europe by Nestle and modified for Australia. This provides the first crucial step. The next step is a structured approach through the Workplace Road Safety Guide using experts and industry to discuss the preferred safe system approach which can then link into the national Benchmarking Project. The outputs from the symposium can help frame a pathway to change an organisations culture and apply follow it through the NRSPP website. _x000D_