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Helping Motorcyclists 'Ride to Live': developing a large-scale public education campaign for motorcyclists using research and stakeholder consultation

Fong, L, Farnandes, R, Walker, E, O'Reilly, M, Woodward-Watson, A, Douglas, N, Suchard, G


ARSC conference 2015

Motorcyclists are over-represented in NSW road trauma. Motorcycles represent only 4 per cent of motor vehicle registrations but account for 21 per cent all road fatalities and 12 per cent of all road injuries._x000D_

_x000D_Research was undertaken in 2012 to understand the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of NSW riders and drivers in relation to motorcycle safety. The research revealed that riders place a high degree of importance on skills and their own riding abilities, as well as externalise blame for crashes. A key challenge was to develop campaign messaging that was relevant and credible to riders without reinforcing stereotypes that suggest riders are non-compliant, risk-taking road users._x000D_

_x000D_The 'Ride to Live' campaign was subsequently designed around acknowledging motorcyclists' passion for riding, whilst challenging riders to better manage their risks on the road. Campaign executions highlight common scenarios for commuter and recreational riders and illustrate the consequences of different choices riders can make in response to each hazard. It aims to encourage riders to make the safer choice - by anticipating the hazard and preparing early through good lane positioning, buffering and setting up brakes - without being too prescriptive and authoritative. The campaign also encourages drivers to watch out for motorcycle riders._x000D_

Findings from the research were instrumental in developing an evidence-based campaign, along with strong collaboration with key stakeholder groups including Motorcycle Alliance and Motorcycle Council of NSW. This extended to using important motorcycle networks to gain access to rider expertise and get a stronger campaign reach. _x000D_