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Building New Partnerships to Improve Road Safety Outcomes

Gardener, R, Tate, F, Brodie, C, Minnema, R, Durdin, P, Harris, D (Peer reviewed)

Road Safety Programs

ARSC conference 2015

In 2012 New Zealand's KiwiRAP partners (NZ Automobile Association, NZ Transport Agency, NZ Police, Ministry of Transport, Accident Compensation Corporation), in conjunction with Auckland Transport, Tauranga City, Christchurch City and Dunedin City, took part in a national trial to more fully understand the extent of the crash problem on the urban network. As part of this trial, the successful KiwiRAP crash risk methodology was developed further for use in the analysis of the urban network and entitled Urban KiwiRAP. The Urban KiwiRAP methodology confirms that, generally, approximately 50% of death and serious injury crashes are occurring on around 10% of the urban roading network in each of the trial local authority areas._x000D_

_x000D_To look at crash "risk" in order to reduce death and serious injury costs and numbers by putting tools in place that identified the greatest risk of occurrence was a very new approach to addressing injury prevention, which the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) generally approached from a behaviour change perspective. Changing the lens on the way injury prevention is addressed has opened the doors for new opportunities to partner with Local Authorities in the roading infrastructure space, a new direction for ACC. _x000D_

This paper discusses the next steps in rolling out this new methodology to a group of Local Authority roading partners and the positive benefits that are expected from both the newly developed partnerships and the use of the Urban KiwiRAP methodology _x000D_