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Returning motorcycle rider refresher training in South Australia

Bawden, P

Motorcycles and Scooters

ARSC conference 2015

On average 15 motorcyclists die on South Australian Roads each year. Motorcyclists have become a larger part of road serious casualties trending upwards from 11% in 2005 to 17% in 2014._x000D_

Older riders (aged 45+) are accounting for an increasing proportion of motorcyclist crashes._x000D_

Analysis of motorcyclist fatality data was undertaken to check for people who were likely to be returning riders. That is, riders aged 45 years or over at the time of the crash who had held a motorcycle licence longer than 10 years and had a motorcycle registered to them for less than 6 months & did not have a motorcycle registered to them for period no less than 5 years prior to the crash. _x000D_

The data indicated that at least one rider killed on average each year and around 40 injured was likely to have been a returning rider. It is possible that some of these crashes may have been avoided if returning riders had undertaken a riding skill refresher training course._x000D_

South Australia's Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2016 contains a priority to encourage returning riders to undertake a motorcycle skills refresher training course. _x000D_

The Rider Safe Returning Rider Course has been developed as a tailored program that allows participants to practice the riding skills and techniques essential for riding on the road. The course is designed to teach / refresh riding skills , techniques and awareness for licensed riders and following a public communication campaign, operational training courses are planned to commence in September 2015._x000D_