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Characteristics of road factors in multi and single vehicle motorcycle crashes in Queensland

Adinegoro, Y, Haworth, N, Debnath, A (Peer reviewed)


ARSC conference 2015

Motorcyclists were involved in 6.4% of all police-reported crashes and 12.5% of all fatal crashes in Queensland during 2004-2011. Of these crashes, 43% were single-vehicle (SV) and 57% were multi-vehicle (MV). The overall reduction in motorcycle crashes in this period masked different trend: single-vehicle crashes increased while MV motorcycle crashes decreased. However, little research has been undertaken to understand the similarities and differences between the SV and MV motorcycle crashes in Queensland and the factors underlying these diverging trends. The descriptive analyses and regression model developed here confirm international research findings regarding the greater role of road infrastructure factors in SV crashes. In particular, road geometric factors such as horizontal and vertical alignment and road surface factors such as sealed/unsealed and wet/dry were more important in SV and MV crashes.