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Building community capacity for road safety - are we doing it?

Smithson, A, Pettet, T (Peer reviewed)

Community Based Road Safety

ARSC conference 2015

Capacity building is a familiar term. But what does it mean in a particular context, and can it be measured? This challenge was faced by the WA Local Government Association in exploring more inclusive methods of evaluating the RoadWise Program, with the aim of better reflecting the role of community road safety in the safe system framework._x000D_

_x000D_Following extensive research and consultation, members of the RoadWise community road safety network were invited to participate in a survey which examined the following five key capacity building domains:_x000D_

_x000D_* Participation and community ownership;_x000D_

* Opportunities for leadership;_x000D_

* Community structures - with a focus on the health and functioning of RoadWise Committees;_x000D_

* Access to resources for effective road safety activity; and_x000D_

* Strengthened individual skills._x000D_

_x000D_The results of the survey provided benchmarks, in each domain, for the RoadWise Program along with opportunities to address any gaps in delivery. Overall, the findings revealed a healthy, functioning and enthusiastic road safety network. Members of the network firmly believing they can make a difference, utilising the tools and programs offered for road safety action at a local level._x000D_

_x000D_This process has helped redefine the activity of the RoadWise Program and value the role of community capacity building. It has given capacity building shape as a framework for future planning and delivery_x000D_