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Road Safety Barriers - international experiences and new directions for Australia

Schrock, T, Morriss, L

Road Environment

ARSC conference 2015

Australian road fatalities may have halved since 1990, but all is not well. Australian fatality reduction has plateaued where our international peers see continued decline . Serious injuries from road traffic accidents have been suggested to be on the rise . And if you're a crash statistic in Australia - you're three times more likely to be a fatality than in the UK, Canada, Germany or Sweden. So are there lessons to be learnt from abroad?_x000D_

Australian road safety experts agree better infrastructure, and specifically road safety barriers, are part of the new solution . This paper focusses on European (EN1317 compliant) safety barriers, which are lesser known in Australia than NHCRP-MASH compliant barriers. We present European experiences and state-of-the-art development directions that may help Australian road designers, specifiers and authorities make roads safer._x000D_

We suggest EN1317 compliant barrier systems offer a good direction for greater injury reduction on Australian roads, with economic incentives compared to other options._x000D_