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Road safety challenges and opportunities in Tamil Nadu

Small, M, Srinivasan, K

Road Safety Across Cultures

ARSC conference 2015

Tamil Nadu is a powerhouse of India's new economy, but suffers India's highest rate of fatality and double that of India as a whole. A rapid increase in wealth, population, vehicles, and traffic is occurring within a legacy road transport system that has not been designed and is not being managed to facilitate safe travel. A 2014 review to assess and make recommendations on the capacity of Government institutions to significantly improve road safety within the State has led to the development of a large multi-year road safety program._x000D_

_x000D_A number of significant capacity building projects are being implemented at a state-wide level, including the establishment of an inter-departmental executive group to lead the road safety effort, and a significant investment in the Transport Department's capacity to perform the lead agency role for the State. The State is the centre of the automotive industry in India, and a non-government forum is being formed to encourage corporates, NGOs and other stakeholders to take significant actions to improve the safety of the road transport system including the safety of their own road traffic operations._x000D_

A road safety demonstration project is also being developed within the Kancheepuram District, immediately south of Chennai. A range of innovative projects will be launched to complete corridor safety improvements, including working with local administrations on roadside encroachment, and a comprehensive safe systems speed management project. This paper will address the range of practical road safety management issues in developing and implementing this transformational program for Tamil Nadu.E120