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Towards Zero & Safety Culture Communications - A new way of engaging with the community

Truong, J, Cockfield, S, Tierney, P, Gubana, J, McMahon, C, McDonald, C

Community Based Road Safety

ARSC conference 2015

As Victoria moves to implement the Towards Zero approach and adopt a safety culture, the nature of the Transport Accident Commission's (TAC) communications will also evolve. While the Towards Zero approach is a well-known philosophy amongst the road safety professionals, this is not well understood by the community. One of the key principles that underpin Towards Zero is a shared responsibility for road safety - of which the community needs to be an important part. To bring the community along on the journey Towards Zero, it is vital that they are privy to the same information as key designers of the system and are educated about the vision, its principles and key components. _x000D_

_x000D_Following substantial research and thinking, a new, long term, Towards Zero public education campaign is under development. The campaign aims to cement the long term goal of achieving zero road deaths and of providing information about how safe roads, safe cars, safe speeds and safe people interact to reduce road trauma. The Victorian co

This paper will detail the communication strategy and the first of the new Towards Zero public education campaign being used to engage the community as Victoria journeys Towards Zero. _x000D_