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Safe System Roads for Local Government

Campion, A, McTiernan, D


ARSC conference 2015

The Safe System approach to road safety has been in place in Australasia for over a decade, but understanding and application by local road practitioners, remains limited._x000D_

The Austroads project Safe System Roads for Local Government is ongoing, and this paper provides an overview of the current progress to develop a practitioner's guide that presents a method to review road infrastructure and develop treatment options within a Safe System framework._x000D_

Through crash data analysis and consultation with the project working group of Australian jurisdictions and the NZ Road Controlling Authorities forum, this paper discusses the significance of local government roads and their contribution to road trauma in both countries. It provides an understanding of the challenges faced by local government to address safety on local roads, discussing the funding challenges, network responsibilities and setting out key focus areas for high severity crashes in a range of relevant environments. _x000D_

This paper highlights a number of practical tools that have or are being developed, including the benefits of using GIS spatial analysis, mapping network risk based on IRAP risk measures to optimise safety efforts giving an understanding of network risk, identifying high priority sites and achieving effective prioritisation. _x000D_

Finally the paper outlines the Safe System assessment method intended to be available to practitioners, detailing example interventions, their relevant application and anticipated results. _x000D_

The guide specifically looks to provide a practical, cost effective toolkit of interventions that will assist Local Government to move towards providing a safe system on their networks. _x000D_