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Onslow Road Users Group (ORUG) Taking Action Together - Making a Difference

Vernes, J


ARSC conference 2015

Onslow is a coastal town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 1,386 kms north of Perth and has a population of less than 700 people._x000D_

_x000D_In recent years, the mining industry has made a large impact on the community, in particular the use of the road network._x000D_

_x000D_ORUG has brought together the knowledge and resources of local stakeholders taking action together and delivering positive road safety outcomes to the Onslow region._x000D_

_x000D_ORUG Objectives are:_x000D_

- To drive a coordinated and proactive approach to road safety _x000D_

- To identify and address road safety hazards _x000D_

- To participate in safety improvement on road networks that Onslow Road Users Group has influence over._x000D_

- To improve road safety and reduce road trauma by working together to educate workforces and communities in the Onslow Region. _x000D_

_x000D_ORUG Members include the Ashburton Shire, WA Police, St Johns Ambulance, MainRoadsWA, Onslow School, Western Australian Local Govt, Drilline, Onlsow Salt, Ertech, NTC Tricking, McMahon Burnett, and Chevron._x000D_

_x000D_Recent ORUG achievements have included:_x000D_

- Coordinating action from Community concerns addressing local road safety concerns_x000D_

- Connecting correct stakeholders involved in local road projects to improve safety_x000D_

- raising awareness of road safety through displays_x000D_

- an ORUG Facebook page _x000D_

- events including child car restraint checking and _x000D_

the Adventure Film and Road Safety Festival_x000D_

_x000D_Future ORUG plans include:_x000D_

* training child car restraint type 1 fitters_x000D_

* working with the local Thalanyji Aboriginal Land Owners to improve road safety outcomes_x000D_