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Chain of responsibility and the heavy vehicle freight industry: benefits, challenges and opportunities

Jones, S (Peer reviewed)

Heavy Vehicles

ARSC conference 2015

Australia is largely unique in its approach to heavy vehicle regulation. It is one of the few modern democracies not to use operator licensing as a regulatory tool in the heavy vehicle freight industry. Instead, it uses the concept of "chain of responsibility" (CoR). CoR has been a feature of Australia's regulatory approach since the 1980s and is now embedded in the heavy vehicle national law (HVNL) on the eastern seaboard and in recently introduced Western Australian legislation._x000D_

Drawing in the experience of Australia's largest freight carrier, Toll Group, this session will explore the benefits, challenges and opportunities presented by CoR. Toll Group has embraced CoR as a key market differentiator and safety driver and is recognised as an industry leader in the promotion of CoR along the supply chain._x000D_

Questions tackled in the session include:_x000D_

* How is CoR changing the Australian freight industry?_x000D_

* What are the gaps, limitations and challenges in CoR as a regulatory and operational tool?_x000D_

* What do we need to drive the opportunities presented by CoR further?_x000D_