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Road Safety Audits in Australia 20 Years After Inception: Examination of Practical Issues and Limitations

Harris, C (Peer reviewed)


ARSC conference 2015

Industry surveys examined Road Safety Auditing in practice in Australia, 20 years on from its inception. This paper summarises the findings of 33 qualitative surveys of 59 people. The target attribute of participants was a high level of experience undertaking or responding to road safety audits. Participants were from Vicroads, Councils, engineering consultancies, construction engineers, road designers and small companies. Surveys occurred in metro and regional Victoria, and in Brisbane. Key topics were training, accreditation, and quality. The paper then explores possible remedies and future directions. Recommendations have been provided based on the findings, in order to enhance RSA practice. Key recommendations are for: a generic, systematic and centralised reporting and management system; a model accreditation system; and, an industry group / organisation.