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Security issues for future Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Foo, E, Djamaludin, C, Rakotonirainy, A (Peer reviewed)

Vehicle Technology

ARSC conference 2015

Connected vehicles will exchange basic safety information to facilitate warnings to drivers concerning impending crashes. The aim of this paper is to identify arising issues with existing in-vehicle security solutions to connected systems. We found that variations of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) are largely claimed as the security solutions but they have limitations when used as key safety-critical model in vehicle environments as the functional and performance requirements are different. Furthermore, the sheer amount of vehicles to be connected adds consideration to a scalable PKI framework. We highlight various privacy, security and scalability concerns under different traffic scenario and market penetration figures. _x000D_

_x000D_Public acceptance of connected and autonomous vehicles will depend on appropriate levels of security. User's trust in the new Intelligent Transport System is crucial. Government agencies could have the legal authority to mandate particular security protocol for the Australian fleet. Our findings will help decision makers to position their organisations to respond to such a potentially disruptive innovation, which could fundamentally change the Australian transport landscape._x000D_