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Factors that contribute to cyclist fatality crashes: a systematic literature review

Johnson, M, Bugeja, L, Mulvihill, C


ARSC conference 2015

The goal of the Australian government's National Cycling Strategy is to double the number of people cycling by 2016. While increasing cycling as a mobility option addresses some of the limitations of over-motorisation (e.g. increased vehicle congestion) and the impact of non-active travel (e.g. increased obesity), it also has unintended consequences. Greater volume of physically vulnerable road users has resulted in a concurrent increase in cyclist trauma. _x000D_

_x000D_This study was a systematic literature review undertaken to identify factors that contribute to cyclist fatality crashes and to our knowledge is the first such review. The study, a collaboration between Monash University, Coroners Court of Victoria and the Amy Gillett Foundation, was conducted in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for Protocols 2015 (PRISMA-P). Peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed English language publications indexed in 10 databases from their inception to November 2014 were examined. Contributing factors were identified and analysed using the four pillars of the Safe System framework: safe people, safe roads and roadsides, safe speeds and safe vehicles. In total, 71 papers were included and 51 contributing factors were identified. Most factors related to safe people (62.7%), then safe roads and roadsides (19.6%), safe vehicles (13.7%) and speed. _x000D_

Results of this study can inform an evidence based approach to enhance our understanding of cyclist fatality crashes. This intelligence will contribute to the identification of priority areas for effective, targeted prevention countermeasures aligned with local and national road safety policy and programs to improve cycling safety. _x000D_