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Evidence that truck driver remuneration is linked to safety outcomes

Mooren, L, Williamson, A, Grzebieta, R H (Peer reviewed)

Heavy Vehicles

ARSC conference 2015

The evidence that remuneration and pay systems have an effect on truck driver safety is growing. A review of the scientific literature shows the connections between remuneration and safety risk factors and outcomes. A study conducted in one large American trucking company found that where drivers are paid mileage rates, a $0.10 increase in the rate results in a 1.76% reduction in the risk of crashing. Not only do pay rates make a difference in safety outcomes, but also the way in which drivers are remunerated influences the likelihood of unsafe behaviours and crashes. A number of studies conducted between 1990 and 2014 in Australia and in the United States (US), focused on the safety effects of truck driver payment methods. There is also evidence that industry pressures on safety outcomes in the US and in Australia. This paper summarises the findings of the research on this topic.