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The Zero Driving Fatalities Project – improving the safety of a large government organisation’s fleet

Wall, J, Creef, K, Simmons, K

Fleet Safety

ACRS conference 2012

In 2010 a review of risks faced by staff working for the former Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of New South Wales identified nine areas which posed increased risk of significant injury during work hours. Driving or being a passenger in a RTA vehicle was identified as one of the risks which needed to be addressed by the Executive Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHS). A working group was established consisting of road safety practitioners, OHS advisers, fleet managers as well as staff and union representatives, to develop a set of controls to improve the safety of staff using the Authority’s 2,000 fleet vehicles. The project team analysed insurance claims, police reports and OHS system records to determine the major types of crashes RTA staff were involved in and then developed higher order controls based on their findings. Two surveys were also conducted as part of the project, one of which targeted all RTA drivers and the other specifically designed for RTA drivers who had been involved in a crash. A number of in-depth root cause analysis investigations were also carried out and used as case studies for the final report. In addition to this a benchmarking project was instigated to monitor the effect of the recommendations on the safety of the vehicle fleet. This paper will discuss the major findings of the Zero Driving Fatalities Project including the types of crashes involving RTA vehicles as well as discuss the higher order controls recommended by the project team.