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Techniques for Paradigm Improvements Towards a Heavy Vehicle Safe System

McLean, A

Heavy Vehicles

ACRS conference 2012

Enhanced driver education, trip time insurance, log book revisions, low interest loans and accelerated depreciation allowance are paramount issues which could yield paradigm improvements towards a safer system for heavy vehicle (HV) operation. In addition a 24/7 independently funded driver contact centre should be created to receive and address driver problems and issues. Enhanced driver education is necessary to inform heavy vehicle drivers of the near chaotic multiple scenario handling behaviour of unimproved air suspended vehicles. To this end a DVD based driver education resource is suggested. Next a scheme for operators to insure against journey delays will be outlined. The essential aim of this scheme is to encourage heavy vehicle drivers operate at speeds commensurate with actual road conditions and avoid attempting to compensate, for delays, by speeding. Next it is proposed that during extended traffic delays HV drivers should be encouraged and/or allowed to park on road shoulders or in nearside lanes to attract log book recordable rest periods. Finally it is proposed that the cost incurred by HV operators installing genuine vehicle safety enhancements attract liberal accelerated depreciation allowance. Opportunity is taken to present brief paramount details of each proposed strategy.