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Use of child restraints: a pilot program in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

Keay, L, Hunter, K, Lyford, M, Lo, W, Clapham, K, Ivers, R

Aboriginal / Community

ACRS conference 2012

Injury in road traffic crashes are a major cause of death and disability in children. Use of appropriate child restraints significantly reduces the risk of injury in the event of a crash, yet use of such restraints is low in Aboriginal communities. Little is known about barriers to use of child restraints in Aboriginal communities, or about the effectiveness of programs to increase appropriate use of restraints in such settings. The aims of this project were to: (i) consult with members of an urban Aboriginal community on the issues surrounding use of child restraints for children when travelling in cars; and (ii) develop, implement and evaluate the acceptability of a program to facilitate and encourage the correct use of child restraints.