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The ‘Yalgoo Experience’: applying the Safe System Approach in a remote setting.

Gibson, R, Vince, P

Aboriginal / Community

ACRS conference 2012

In Western Australia, 7,876 serious crashes were recorded in rural areas between 1995 and 2004. Of the 7,876 serious crashes recorded, 22 serious injury crashes were recorded in the Shire of Yalgoo including 4 fatalities. The Shire of Yalgoo is located approximately 524km north-east of Perth, has a population of 242 and is classified as a remote area in terms of road safety. This paper investigates the implementation of the safe system approach to road safety in a remote setting and outlines the partnerships that have been developed to create a shared responsibility for road safety within the community and other key stakeholders. The paper will focus upon a meeting of relevant stakeholders and community members from Yalgoo that occurred to address the issue of pedestrian safety on the Geraldton Mount Magnet road. The OLA process was used to address the issues surrounding pedestrian safety which provided a proactive and coordinated approach to resolving the issue. Under the OLA approach all parties are encouraged to provide objective data from their area of expertise, jointly work as a team to list the opportunities to overcome the concern, and then develop an action, responsibilities and timeline plan and implement to deliver the required road safety outcomes. The paper will outline the benefits of such an approach in achieving desired outcomes in relation to this issue and other similar issues facing local governments with road safety issues around Western Australia.