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Validation of an in-vehicle monitoring device for measuring driving exposure and deceleration events

Meredith, L, Brown, J, Clarke, E, Coxon, K, Boufous, S, Ivers, R, Keay, L (Peer reviewed)

Driver Risk & Behaviour

ACRS conference 2012

Background: In-vehicle monitoring is being used increasingly in research into driver behaviour. Advances in Global Positioning Systems (GPS), data management and telecommunications have made this a viable tool to objectively measure driving exposure and also speed patterns.

Aim: The purpose of this study was to validate an in-vehicle monitoring device in the laboratory where speed and deceleration can be controlled and in field experiments.

Methods: The device consists of a C4D Data Recorder with External GPS Receiver. The hardware includes an internal 3D accelerometer, tachograph, real-time clock, internal battery (1300mA) and 128MB of flash memory. The in-vehicle data logger transmits GPS location via the mobile telecommunications network. The device was evaluated in a laboratory and field tested to investigate the context for deceleration events. We developed algorithms to process summary data for driving routes and deceleration incidents.

Results and Discussion: Protocols were established for use of the device in the field and programs developed to extract events. The application of this technology is an innovative approach in driver behaviour and vehicle safety research.