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Fleet Safety Management Practices in Hazmat Transportation: Challenges in Thailand

Mahaboon, J, Grzebieta, R H, Friswell, R, Mooren, L (Peer reviewed)

Fleet Safety

ACRS conference 2012

Transportation by land is essential for the distribution of hazardous material (hazmat) in Thailand and many countries. However, it also represents a significant road safety risk because of the consequences associated with crashes involving hazmat loads and heavy vehicles. The aim of this study was to examine current fleet safety management practices implemented by hazmat carrier companies in Thailand. Hazmat fleet managers completed an interview about their safety management practices. A preliminary analysis of an empirical study points to gaps in the practices of carriers, and identifies challenges carriers have complying with traffic safety regulations.

A total of 32 carriers participated in the study. Examination of safety practices and policies revealed that most of the carriers perceived driver reinforcement as a successful practice in managing safe driver behaviour. Driver monitoring using GPS was also chosen as a good practice to reduce the risk of crashes. However, most carriers failed to implement important policies, for example, control of hours of service. The study provides an insight into the deficiencies of safety management in hazmat fleets that are relevant for many countries concerned with hazmat transport. The findings of this exploratory study should guide researchers interested in policies and practices to prevent hazmat crashes in Thailand as well as other countries.