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Developing a Safer Cycling Strategy for the ACT

Court, S, Strang, P (Peer reviewed)


ACRS conference 2012

In the ACT, the number of people cycling is increasing. At the same time, crash statistics indicate that cyclists represent a disproportionate number of crash casualties. Cycling safety is an important issue for the local community. In 2010, GTA Consultants obtained a research grant from the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust and the ACT Government (represented by the Justice and Community Safety Directorate and the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate) to identify a strategy to promote safer cycling and safer interaction between cyclists and other road and path users throughout the ACT. The aim of the study was to help the Government achieve its goal to reduce road trauma rates. The project involved three stages. In Stage 1, key issues were identified through data analysis and a literature review, and in Stage 2, these issues were further explored via local community and stakeholder engagement. During Stage 3, issue-specific strategies were identified guided by best practice, cost estimates and feasibility analysis, and prioritised via a qualitative assessment led by expert opinion. Short-term initiatives included upgrading bicycle infrastructure at minor intersections, implementing ‘low speed zones’ on shared paths, and increasing cyclist compliance at traffic lights via induction loop technology.