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Electronic logging - ensuring a safer youth on our roads.

Sabljak, G, Markus, L

Young Drivers

ACRS conference 2013

Vehicle crashes are most likely to occur in the first six months of driving when the new driver is least experienced. Crash risk in the first year of driving is several times greater than in subsequent years. Inexperience is the most significant factor contributing to young driver crashes. New drivers lack a number of critical traffic skills. These include the ability to observe and make sense of the road and traffic environment, to anticipate potential hazards and recognise danger, and to make accurate assessments and decisions quickly to avoid hazards.

Despite minimum requirements for learner drivers to complete a defined amount of practice hours there is overwhelming evidence that indicating that more than 60% percent of learners are not completing the required hours but instead are manipulating and misrepresenting hours recorded in manual log book.1

LDR® (Learner Driver Recorder) was developed by e-Log Systems™ Pty Ltd as an accurate electronic method of logging learner driver hours which can't be manipulated or misrepresented.

LDR® is a smartphone application that enables the learners’ driving hours to be easily tracked, evaluated, authorised and driving skills improved. The application has been in development over the last two years and is available for learner drivers to download and use as a replacement for the manual logbook.