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Applying the principles of behaviour change to road safety in South Australia.

Davidson, J, Versteeg, A, Young, J, Blackwell. R,

Road Safety Programs

ACRS conference 2013

Since 2008 Colmar Brunton and the Motor Accident Commission have been using the trans theoretical model of behaviour change as the basis for campaign development in relation to road safety in South Australia.

The research program commenced with an intensive qualitative and quantitative research stage. The subsequent development of each campaign uses the information found in this exploratory research as a base and involves concept testing to develop specific campaign ideas. Ongoing monthly tracking enables evaluation of campaign outcomes, both in terms of awareness and progress within the context of the behaviour change model.

For this presentation we will review a case study using the Regional Safety Campaign “Mateamorphosis”. The presentation will tell the story of the problem, the research, the solution, the development and testing of the creative and the subsequent behavioural impact on regional South Australian drivers.

This case study was shortlisted for the Global Research Effectiveness Awards at the 2012 ESOMAR World Congress in Atlanta.