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Good practice road safety education and community road safety.

Harris, A, Waller, E, Wishart, S


ACRS conference 2013

Despite advice form the road safety agencies and their partners on best practice road safety education and resources/programs for new young novice drivers, many schools and community groups continue to implement programs and initiatives that have been demonstrated in research to be ineffective, inappropriate or, in some instances, have the potential to be detrimental.

There is significant research, advice and guidelines that provide schools and community groups with principles of best practice and issues relating to programs that are not considered effective by the key road safety agencies.

As well, the Victorian road safety partners have:

• developed a comprehensive road safety education strategy

• developed evidence based resources to schools and early childhood services

• provided funding to community groups to implement good practice road safety

programs and projects

• invested in programs and research to determine effectiveness of young driver safety


In Victoria, all programs are designed to meet curriculum outcomes and/or support the graduated licensing system.

VicRoads and the TAC have recently reviewed the literature on best practice road safety education and community road safety programs targeting new young novice drivers and senior secondary school students. A summary and checklist has been prepared to help guide the development and implementation of road safety programs.

This paper will describe the literature review, consultation and development of the guide and checklist for school and community road safety education.