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The predestrian protection in vehicle impacts: demystifying pedestrian testing procedures and assessment.

Ponte, G, van den Berg, A L, Anderson, R W G, Linke, B (Peer reviewed)

Pedestrian Safety

ACRS conference 2013

The Centre for Automotive Safety Research has been carrying out the Australasian New Car Assessment Program's (ANCAP) pedestrian assessment since 2000. The pedestrian assessment procedures used by ANCAP are consistent with the European NCAP pedestrian testing and assessment protocols and have evolved considerably over time. The pedestrian assessment was independent of the ANCAP star rating procedure until 2012. As part of ANCAP's new vehicle safety rating requirements, a minimum pedestrian assessment result is now required for a vehicle to achieve an ANCAP five-star safety rating. This paper will summarise the current pedestrian testing and assessment procedures, as well as present a comparison of the headform score obtained between current and former test procedures when applied to the same vehicle. Additionally, the future of the ANCAP pedestrian testing program and the ANCAP road map will be briefly discussed.