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Can technology help teens be safer drivers?

McCartt, A T (Peer reviewed)

Young Drivers


In 2010, 3,115 teenagers (ages 13-19) died in the United States from crash injuries [1]. Such injuries are by far the leading cause of death for this age group [2]. Per mile driven, the crash rate among drivers ages 16-19 in the United States is 3 times the rate for adult drivers for both police-reported crashes of all severities and fatal crashes (Figures 1-2) [3]. Fatal crash rates are particularly high for male teenagers. Teenagers’ crash rates are elevated even though they drive less than all but the oldest people. This presentation summarises the risk factors for teenage crashes, reviews key countermeasures shown to be effective in reducing their crash risk, and discusses how various technologies may be used to keep teenage drivers safer. These technologies, some widely available and some still emerging in the marketplace, have the potential to reinforce some of the countermeasures proven to be effective in reducing teenagers’ crash risks.