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Automated speed enforcement in Australia: Recent examples of the influence of public opinion on program sustainability.

Fleiter, J, Watson, B (Peer reviewed)



In Australia, speeding remains a substantial contributor to road trauma. The National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) 2011-2020 highlighted the need to harness community support for current and future speed management strategies. Australia is known for intensive speed camera programs which are both automated and manual, employing covert and overt methods. Recent developments in the area of automated speed enforcement in Australia help to illustrate the important link between community attitudes to speed enforcement and subsequent speed camera policy developments. A perceived lack of community confidence in camera programs prompted reviews in New South Wales and Victoria in 2011 by the jurisdictional Auditor-General. This paper explores automated speed camera enforcement in Australia with particular reference to the findings of these two reports as they relate to the level of public support for, and community attitudes towards, automated speed enforcement. It also provides comment on the evolving nature of automated speed enforcement according to previously identified controversies and dilemmas associated with speed camera programs.