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Drink driving rehabilitation. An investigation into the self-reported effectiveness of a distance-education drink driving rehabilitation program for a group of drink drivers.

Freeman, J, Schonfeld, C, Edmonston, C (Peer reviewed)

Drink Driving


This paper reports on the examination of a group of convicted drink drivers’ self-reported appraisals regarding the effectiveness of a court-ordered distance education drink driving rehabilitation program (N = 51). The analysis indicated that participants were satisfied with the implementation and content of the program, and reported program completion had a positive effect on improving their knowledge and skills to avoid drink driving. Despite this, approximately 25% of participants reported it likely they would drink and drive in the future, with such intentions being associated with attitudes and beliefs about drink driving rather than with the appraisal of program effectiveness. The findings have implications for the implementation of distance education rehabilitation programs to remote communities and the development of effective countermeasures that reduce the prevalence of drink driving.